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Sporting Apparel

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Sporting Apparel Information

Keeping Clothed
Even when you’re indoors, outdoor apparel can keep you comfortable and prepared for any situation. AvidMax Outfitters provides the best clothing and outerwear to keep you comfortable from the mountains to the grocery store. Whether you need gloves, hats, outerwear, shirts, pants, or some base layers, we’ve teamed up with your favorite brands to bundle you up or keep you cool wherever the trail takes you.

Keep Your Head in the Game
Every adventurer knows that every situation is ideal for a good piece of headgear. A solid brim cap, baseball cap, or visor can keep the sun out of your eyes while you’re out for a spring hike. But that’s not all your outdoor apparel can do for you. In the hottest of the summer months when you’re riding a dune buggy out in the sand, keeping your head moist and your face protected from the wind is absolutely imperative. Our double-layer microfiber buffs or balaclavas can help keep you cool, calm, and collected in that kind of heat but those great pieces of headgear pull double duty. They can also keep you protected from the blistering cold of winter winds. Here at AvidMax Outfitters you’ll be able to find exactly what you need for any situation you find yourself in.

Top It Off
It’s easy to forget about how important your shirts are to keep you going. Often, people just throw on a plain white t-shirt and call it a day. But without a quality, breathable, insulating shirt they’ll be calling it a day from the trail soon after. You might need a long sleeved shirt for wind, rain, and cold or you might just need a rugged short-sleeved shirt to keep you cool. Whatever your needs are, our shirts will meet them and keep you one with nature for as long as you want.

Down Below
There are plenty of different styles of pants for different situations. Our outdoor apparel outfitting sets the bar for getting you into any situation. When not just any pair of pants will do, we’ll get you into something perfect, protective, and comfortable. We know it’s not just your body that you’re worried about, that’s why all of our outer pant styles come with an abundance of cargo room to keep your compass, maps, and snacks right at your fingertips, allowing you to go for the long haul during your adventures. But pants aren’t the only thing you’ll need for below the waist. A good belt is a necessity to aid you when your pants get bogged down from mud, wetness, or just holding your necessities. Our leather belts are not only practical but also stylish, allowing you to wear them in the woods or to work. Whether you need to bundle up to brave the cold or keep your clothes breathable and cool, we have outdoor apparel for both men and women that will keep you adventuring for many seasons to come.