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BUFF® Headwear

BUFF® Headwear Information

Get protection from the heat, cold, wind, rain, snow, insects, and bad hair days—all from one piece of tubular, seamless fabric. Introducing the innovative, high-performance Buff headwear. It’s probably the most versatile and handy piece of sportswear you’ll ever own. Wear your Buff like a cap, a headband, a mask, a scarf, a pirate, a hair tie, a hood, a sweatband, a wrap, a neck gaiter, or however you need it to be. There are many possibilities for just one Buff.

Buff headwear comes in many different shapes, sizes, and types—Original,Half,Slim,Headband,UV, Merino Wool,Infinity,Reflective, Insect Shield,Bandana,Junior,Storm,Cyclone,Polar,Hoodie,Neckwarmer,Balaclava—so you can definitely find one to fit your needs. They even make a Buff for dogs!

Buffs are made of microfiber, Coolmax microfiber, Polartec fleece, GORE Windstopper fabric, merino wool (from Australia!), or 100% organic cotton, all of which make Buff headwear comfortable, breathable, and boast topnotch thermoregulation.

Because of Buff headwear’s revolutionary technology, your Buff will never lose its shape and won’t unravel, even though it’s seamless! What’s more, it will keep you warm in cold weather, yet cool and dry in warmer weather conditions. So, turn your Buff into a mask to block the wind and cold while you’re skiing in the wintertime, and then turn it into a Saharan to protect yourself from the sun’s harsh UV rays while riding your bike in the summer. Its moisture-wicking technology will even keep the sweat off your neck and face!

Founded in Spain in 1992, Buff headwear is already a huge hit in Europe and continues to grow in popularity across the world, now in over 70 countries! As an added touch to your personality, don’t find yourself without an ultra-modern and super-stylish Buff.