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Dr. Slick Bobbin Threaders

Dr. Slick Bobbin Threaders

Price: $6.00


Fly Tying Made Simple
One of the most rewarding benchmark experiences as a fly fisherman is learning to tie on your flies. If you do not have the right tools, this can also be a very frustrating and time-consuming process. No matter if you are an experienced fisherman or a beginner, the bobbin threaders we offer for fly tying are the easiest to use. They are of the highest quality finish on sale at the best price. At AvidMax Outfitters, we only offer our customers the best in the business to guarantee customer satisfaction. If you choose our fly tying products, you will be happy with your decision.

The Best Bobbin Threaders for Fly Tying
We offer our customers the two finest brands in the business. These quality tools are essential to getting any line ready for a day of fishing. You can choose from Dr. Slick Bobbin Threaders or Rising Threada, both high-quality manufacturers. All products from both brands are Made in the USA. Rising hand makes their bobbin threaders at their factory in Utah. They are experts in giving fishers exactly what they need for top performance and efficiency. When using these products you can rest assured you will be ready to enjoy your day of fishing. Are You Looking for a Variety of Finishes? Dr. Slick’s Threaders come with four finishing options brass, stainless steel, bamboo, aluminum, and brass (jumbo). The range of finishes offered by Dr. Slick allows you to try out which material works best for you. Rising offers threaders with a superb grip, which make the handling quick and painless. Both brands make pulling your thread through the bobbin tube easy and quick. 

100 Percent Satisfaction Guaranteed
At AvidMax Outfitters, we guarantee our customers’ satisfaction in everything we sell.  Dr. Slick and Rising offer a full refund policy for their customers. Rising Threada promises customers a lifetime warranty on their bobbin threaders. All Dr. Slick products go through quality assurance tests and thorough inspections before they are made available. The warranties come complete with product replacement from the retailer or a direct return from the company.