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Outdoor Gear

Grand Trunk ENO Marmot Pentax

Outdoor Gear Information

AvidMax Outfitters knows that all of your outdoor gear is necessary for your journeys. Sometimes a grand outdoor adventure isn’t all about the trip to the top. Sometimes it’s about kicking back and relaxing when you get there. That’s why AvidMax Outfitters provides you with all of the comfortable, durable, and quality outdoor gear you’ll need to spend your day or night looking out at the gorgeous scenery or down the mountain that you just conquered. 

The Necessities for Comfort
“Comfort” doesn’t just mean a down pillow or warm comforter. It can be as simple as a rain tarp or tent for shelter. Our selection of tents and tarps comes with a single goal in mind: your comfort. Whether it’s when you’re carrying it with you for the long haul, setting it up around a campfire, or ready to get some shut-eye, you’ll be glad it was made with you in mind.If a hammock or portable chair is more your style, we’ve got you covered too. Our hammocks and chairs are rugged and durable, standing up to wind, rain, snow, dirt, or whatever else the wilderness can throw at you. Wherever you decide to take a quick break, or even a nap, you’ll be relaxed and ready to go when the time’s right.

One thing “comfort” definitely means is good food and water to have while you’re on the trail or resting at camp. We’ve got several solutions to your hunger and thirst needs, from hydration bladders and water filters to chopsticks, packs, and bags to have snacks that keep you going for miles.Extra StorageIs your pack nearly full of all of your necessary outdoor gear? Do you need a little extra space to bring your favorite things to the campsite? You won’t have to worry about a thing when you shop with us. We’ve got all the extra storage space you need. We even provide specialty items like ENO djembe cases, hammock sacks, and speaker cases so that you can stay organized and keep from overstuffing your necessities pack.

Ways to Find Your Way
Sometimes you need to take a break to find your way. Whether it’s looking for your friend’s camp through the snow or scouring the forest for that ten point buck, you’ll quickly be back on the move with our selection of optics. At AvidMax Outfitters, we offer everything from binoculars and sporting scopes to eyepieces and additional optical accessories.Pick up all of your outdoor gear needs in one spot!