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Hammocks Information

The Lap of Luxury
Hammocks are one of the most perfect ways to take a load off after the adrenaline and excitement of a day fishing, climbing, or biking. Make sure that you’re doing it right with hammocks from all of your favorite brands and brought to you by AvidMax Outfitters. Wherever you decide to put up your camp, you’ll be glad you did in our sturdy, durable, and, best of all, comfortable hammocks. If you need to shed a little extra weight in your pack to be even more comfortable on the way to your campsite, we have ultralight hammocks as well. Some are as light as 12 ounces! They even come in a variety of colors so you can fit one to your personality and not have to worry about mixing yours up with your campmates’. Just strap your setup in the perfect spot and lie back.

Everyone Can Relax
We offer a wide variety of hammocks to ensure that everyone, no matter their needs, can take a load off after a long hike in the wilderness. Whether you’re sleeping alone or in pairs, you can find the perfect size at the right price. While the material on all of our hammocks is lightweight they pack a lot of power and are able to hold 400 lbs. so you don’t even have to worry if you’re sleeping with your gear. For added support and security our hammocks come with Aluminum Wiregate carabiners that are rated at an extraordinary 24kN.Need a Lift?

Sometimes you’ve found a perfect spot but your straps can’t quite reach. AvidMax Outfitters has the perfect solutions to help you get your hammock up in the perfect spot. Our ENO Atlas straps can stretch up to nine feet while the bigger brother, the Atlas XL, boasts a length of 13 feet. Both are constructed of tough poly-filament webbing that will stay taut and strong for an entire night’s comfortable sleep under the stars.

Protection from the Elements
We know that a restful night’s sleep or just a relaxed day depends on your ability to be safe from the elements. That’s why we’ve partnered with the best hammock manufacturers to ensure that you’re fully prepared at a low cost. While nylon is known for being extraordinarily strong and durable, it boasts other great features as well. It’s quick drying and mildew resistant, keeping you and your gear clean and dry throughout even your lengthiest excursions in the forest. But at AvidMax Outfitters, we don’t just offer hammocks that dry when you need them to, we offer sleep systems and accessories that stave off the elements when you need them to. Drip straps and rain tarps can keep you dry all night while insect shields will keep you away from pests all night.Why look anywhere else for the most durable and protective comfort around? Shop for your favorite hammocks and accessories at AvidMax Outfitters.