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Sleeping Gear

Sleeping Gear Information

The Comforts of Home in the Wilderness
Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you can’t have the camping gear to get a perfect night’s sleep. Whether you’re going down for the night in the middle of the summer or in a frozen tundra, you’ll be cozy and comfortable in our selection of sleeping gear. All the camping gear at AvidMax Outfitters has your comfort and safety in mind. We team up with the brands that make sure to have the highest standards when it comes to protecting you from the elements, no matter how far you decide to go. Our camping gear stands the test of time and will be able to keep up with you for season after season.

Sleeping Bags for a Cozy Night
There’s not much an outdoor adventurer loves more than to sleep under the stars in the fresh air. There’s no better way to do that than by packing up the best sleeping bags at affordable prices. Our sleeping bags are made out of nylon and polyester meaning that you can get a good night’s sleep knowing that in rain, sleet, or snow, you’ll be sleeping dry as a bone throughout the night. It doesn’t matter if you’re bunking up for a mild night in the forest or atop a wintery mountain, you’re sure to be warm and snug in our certified 650 FP down sleeping bags. Some of our products are even rated for the coldest weather you’re likely to face, allowing for a comfortable night’s sleep even at temperatures well below freezing. These lightweight bags are sure to be your best friend on your overnight trips into the wilderness.

Keep Unwanted Elements Out
What camper’s pack would be complete without a tent to fall asleep in? Our easy to set up tents are perfect for any excursion, providing you with protection from the elements in lightweight packages. Unlike some tents, ours will provide you with the most sleeping room possible while also keeping room for storing all your necessities and amenities.

The Most Comfortable Camping Gear
While having a tent and a sleeping bag is all well and good, a good pillow and blanket can turn a good night on the trail into a great night out of the city. Sliding a high-loft poly, down, or inflatable pillow under your head will put you to sleep in absolutely no time.Let AvidMax Outfitters take care of all your home-away-from-home needs while you’re spending your nights out by the sea or in the mountains.