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Search Far and Wide
At AvidMax Outfitters, we offer a wide selection of sporting optics, including binoculars, from Pentax. We offer a variety of specialized optical equipment that will fit every need and fit any budget. It doesn’t matter if you’re calmly watching birds or if you’re scoping out the rapids in between some intense rafting sessions, you’ll be well prepared with our high-quality selections.

See Exactly What You’re Looking At
While all binoculars can zoom and focus, our selection of binoculars allows you to see things exactly as they are, with no distortion or glare. All of our binoculars use hybrid or asymmetrical lenses, giving your focus an added boost so you can see those much needed details in the rock face you’re about to ascend. Our Pentax optics also reduces any glare with multi-coated lenses that are perfect for sunny or snowy days. If you happen to be scanning something interesting up close, our binoculars offer extremely short minimum focus to see all the small details without getting too close.

Protection for Your Second Set of Eyes
All of our binoculars are waterproof, ensuring that you’re able to kayak, raft, or paddleboard without worrying that you’ll ruin them. The Pentax UCF WP and DCF SP models offer scratch proof lenses, keeping your lenses perfectly in tact even if they take a tumble down a hill or if they rub against rocks or gravel that happen to get into your pack. It’s not just the lenses that Pentax prides themselves on, it’s the extremely durable bodies for all of their binoculars. Many of their models feature a magnesium body that is nearly impervious to dents or anything that would compromise the integrity of the binoculars. This will give you peace of mind while you are climbing, biking, or running in the vast outdoors.If you’re looking for unprecedented optical quality, durability, and comfort then look no further than AvidMax Outfitters’ line of Pentax binoculars. Each and every pair is backed by Richo’s one-year manufacturer warranty, ensuring that what you buy has quality workmanship. Pick your favorite optics up today!