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Have you ever casted a line that beautifully and effortlessly danced through the air and then presented itself so gracefully onto the water each time it struck the surface? You were probably using a Scientific Anglers fly line.

Devoting their time and research to providing the best fly fishing experience to everyone since 1945, Scientific Anglers innovates their fly lines around the idea of quality and simplicity. Of course, being able to say that they have the highest performing fly line out there isn’t so simple.

Fly fishing may be a delicate art, but it is also a precise science. Scientific Anglers understands the importance of the intricate technology that goes behind each line. From the microtextured surfaces to the slick-dry coating to the different core materials to the tactile reference points incorporated into their lines, each detail is very specific, very intentional, and serves to make your fishing experience seamless.

When you think Scientific Anglers, you think fly fishing innovation. They invented a new kind of floating fly line in 1954, and just 6 years later a new kind of sinking fly line. Their designs have set the standard for all fly line manufacturers today. They have since continued to create, redevelop, or redefine fly lines, fly line backing, and even waterproof fly boxes and fly reels.

Scientific Anglers fly lines will not meet, but rather exceed your expectations. Through extensive research, thorough testing, and many trials, they have created the best lines that perform better--casting farther and smoother than any other. Don’t take our word for it, though. When you fish Scientific Anglers, the fly lines speak for themselves.