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Whether you're poling the flats or sneaking away to a secret spot close to home, every angler will appreciate Redington fly rods as the best value on the water today. Every fly rod is packed with performance, a fine finish, and rock solid guarantees. Redington fly rods give you the value you need, and the quality you deserve. And this year, we've made it easy for any angler to find the right fly fishing gear with our own custom Ready to Fish Combos.  All you will need with any of these sweet fly rod combos is a fly, and you're ready to fish. Explore the Redington fly fishing rod collection. 

When a fish makes a hard run for freedom, you've got to be ready to bring him back in before he's gone forever. Redington fly reels deliver. Smooth drags sing oh-so-sweetly on the way out, protecting tippets from breakage even if you're lucky enough for the fish to hit backing. Our fly reels gives every angler what they want; a fly reel that combines the best in value with the best in performance. Whether it's big water or small streams, the Redington family of fly reels continually performs every time a fish puts one to the test. Explore the Redington fly reel collection.