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Black Rapid

Black Rapid Information

Big and bulky bags bump into everything. Managing memory cards can be a real mess. Skimpy straps can put a strain on your shoulders. Although none of these can really ruin a shoot, the little inconveniences add up, one after another after another after another. However, you don’t have to let them ruin your mood. In fact, you don’t need to put up with them at all. You have a way out. Put on a BlackRapid strap and try out a whole new photography experience.

BlackRapid is your alternative to the compact camera bag. Those few seconds it takes to turn your camera bag around, unzip it, dig for your camera, and take it out and turn it on can be the deciding factor between capturing the perfect moment and missing it. BlackRapid is quick and easy. Just pick up your camera and shoot.

The concept of a BlackRapid strap is revolved around convenience. You have easy access to your camera, which stays by your side, and then your extra memory cards and batteries are stored in the optional shoulder pockets. Comfort isn’t an issue for BlackRapid straps either. The heavily padded shoulders distribute camera weight evenly and alleviate the strain of heavy equipment. The straps are lightweight, yet very durable and strong enough to hold your camera with a lens attached.

What’s more, BlackRapid makes the camera experience convenient and comfortable for everyone. They make straps for righties and lefties. They make straps for both shoulders too! They make straps for men, for women, for the active, for the slim-shouldered to the broad shouldered. There are even straps that work with your backpack or binoculars!

So, you can spend your time and money on a camera bag, or you can save on both and take your photography further. Let go of the hassle, and let BlackRapid give you a fun, new experience.