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Delkin Information

Founded in 1986 as a modest ten thousand dollar startup, Delkin Devices Inc.’s impressive performance ever since has rightfully earned the company its reputation as one of the top U.S. manufacturers of memory upgrades and digital device products. Today the Delkin name is associated with paramount quality, professionalism and most importantly innovation, serving both industrial and consumer markets worldwide. In the past decade, the company has paid particular attention to the professional photography industry, but manufactures accessories to be used across digital SLR and point and shoot cameras, mobile phones, PCs, notebooks, music players, and even gaming consoles. Delkin Devices Inc. maintains operational headquarters in Poway, California with an international branch located in Birmingham, England.

A close-knit team of roughly one hundred employees manufactures, designs and markets Delkin’s collection of distinguished product lines including CompactFlash and Secure Digital memory cards, Archival Gold hundred year discs, extreme action Fat Gecko Camera Mounts, Delkin Power camera batteries and the newly patented SensorScope Cleaning System. All products are guaranteed built with at least the same quality components and connectors as the original equipment manufacturer and often times exceed them in performance.