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Ruffwear Information

Up high or down low, who is with you wherever you go?

Across the plains or out at sea, on a mountain top or under the trees,

With Ruffwear gear like a harness, leash or shoe, your furry friend can have fun too!

Ruff started with the Quencher in 1994, but have since made packs, coats, collars, beds, and even more!

They have coats to keep her dry, and coats to keep her warm, beds where she can lie, and protection from a storm.

Camping is easy with a collapsible bed and bowls; sleep well at night, then quickly pack up for a stroll.

If he likes to chew and loves to play, Ruffwear toys will last you every day.

On hot pavement or through icy snow, Bark ‘n Boots will get her to and fro.

Four paws and two feet, where will your next adventure be?

Ruffwear also supports The Conservation Alliance which helps to preserve our natural resources.