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Fly Casting 3 Pack DVD's 1-Intro to Fly Casting 2-Basic, Casting and 3-Advanced Casting

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Scientific Anglers Introduction To Fly Casting Interactive DVD by 3M. Great fly fishing begins with great fly casting and with the help of Brian and Judith O'Keefe you're just a few practice sessions away. Instructional graphics accelerate learning. Comprehensive demonstrations give you a solid foundation and the confidence to cast with consistency and accuracy.

Topics and Specs:

  • Body position and stance
  • Creating effective loops
  • The best casting strokes
  • 10-to-2 o'clock rule
  • Proper rod arc
  • Use of the false cast
  • Gripping technique
  • Wrist control
  • Smooth power transfer
  • Casting on different planes
  • Long distance shooting
  • Learning to haul line
  • Roll casting in tight quarters
  • Adapting to the situation
  • Stillwater casting
  • Moving water techniques
  • Minimizing slack
  • Minimizing fly drag
  • UPC: 051131858848
  • Model Number: 858848
  • Approximate Running Time: 27 Minutes

Scientific Anglers Basic Fly Casting with Doug Swisher by 3M. The first hurdle to overcome in becoming a master trout angler is developing a solid foundation of casting ability. You can buy the right fly and the finest equipment, but without the ability to put the fly in the right spot, you are dependent on luck and not on skill for success. Doug Swisher shows you how to develop your casting skill through his unique easy-to-learn technique that's helped thousands of anglers like you to master fly casting. You will find Doug's method is the fastest way to learn fly casting so you'll spend less time being frustrated and more time catching fish.

Topics and Specs:

  • The straight line energy principle - the reason why fly casting works
  • How to train your muscles and mind to make smooth, controlled, powerful casts
  • Movement by movement instruction for perfecting the basic casting stroke
  • The principle of loop control and when, why and how to apply it
  • How to make accurate straight line casts and to shoot line for added distance
  • The slack line cast - why it presents a fly in the most natural manner to stream trout
  • How to recognize your casting mistakes and correct them
  • Bonus pike section
  • Bonus fly-tying section
  • UPC: 051131855205
  • Model Number: 855205
  • Approximate Running Time: 62 Minutes

Scientific Anglers Advanced Fly Casting with Doug Swisher by 3M. If you are already an experienced caster but have difficulty fishing the "impossible" places, this program is for you. Doug Swisher, fly fishing instructor and author, will help you make the transition from a good caster to a master fly fisherman. Advanced Fly Casting will give you the ability to fish effectively in every fishing situation. By mastering Doug's techniques and principles you'll be able to fish the places that before you thought were impossible.

Topics and Specs:

  • Making sure you have a complete understanding of the foundation principles of fly casting
  • Showing you advanced techniques for extending your drag-free drifts, such as mending, the reach cast and feeding slack
  • Increase the accuracy of your slack line casts
  • Making accurate curve casts - the mark of a master fly fisherman
  • Demonstrating how to "fish the clock" - making long, drag-free presentations to every angle (360º) without changing your casting position
  • The slack line cast - why it presents a fly in the most natural manner to stream trout
  • Increasing your casting distance range by making the double haul easy to learn
  • UPC: 051131855205
  • Model Number: 855182
  • Approximate Running Time: 68 Minutes

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