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Top Features of Today's Top Backpacks

    Flipside                      Fastpack               Pro Runner AW
            Vertex                           Pro Trekker

Throughout the years we have seen the camera backpack go from very simple that only carried your camera, lenses, and film to a very versatile and functional system. There are tons of new features in Lowepro's modern backpacks that are designed with the modern photographer in mind. Some of the revolutionary new features Lowepro includes in it's backpacks are:
Explore Lowepro's backpacks and find that "perfect" bag to suit your needs and personal shooting style!

Flipside 200, 300400 AW
   Flipside 200          Flipside 300         Flipside 400
  Flipside 400 opened      Flipside 400 Backside

Fastpack 100, 200, 250350

Fastpack 100   Fastpack 200      Fastpack 250

     Fastpack 350                   Fastpack 350

Pro Runner 200 AW, 300 AW, 350 AW450 AW

Pro Runner 200 AW           300 AW       300 AW ft pocket

  350 AW opened        Pro Runner 450 AW

Vertex 100 AW, 200 AW, 300 AW
  Vertex 100 AW                  Vertex 200 AW
      Vertex 300 AW         Vertex 300 Backside

Pro Trekker 300 AW, 400 AW, 600 AW
  • 10 point adjustable harness, excellent strap system, makes it more comfortable than it lookss
  • Adds hydration reservoir holder - 70 oz.
  • Multiple tripods holders, on each side and front
  • Waist belt turns into slip lock belt, and top cover of bag turns into belt/fanny pack system.
  • All models come with a 15.4" laptop sleeve

Pro Trekker 300 AW     Pro Trekker 400 AW Back

Pro Trekker 400 AW              Pro Trekker 600 AW

If your looking for a backpack, Lowepro has an option to fit your needs. They will serve you well, hold your gear securely, and all Lowepro backpacks come with Lowepro's lifetime warranty!  With all the backpack options that Lowepro offers, we've got you covered large to small.

Happy shooting!