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Repeating Flash

I know what you're thinking,  but this is not a photoshop'd image. It is one exposure of a boy doing a back flip on a trampoline. The exposure was 1 second at f/5 taken with a Nikon D70 and an SB-800 speedlight on a tripod.  The trick here is the SB-800 was set to the repeating flash mode (Canon calls this Multi Stroboscopic Flash.) This shot was 4Hz (4 flashes per second.) So in this 1 second exposure the flash fired 4 times. Each time it flashed it captured the subject at a different part of the flip. The ambient light was dark enough that there was no overexposure from outside light.  The result is a surreal looking image. There are a ton of subjects that this same technique can be applied to. A few things to remember are that you need fairly dark ambient light, your camera on a tripod, and a moving subject. The rest is up to you to experiment with! For instructions on setting up your specific flash, you should refer to your flash's instruction manual. If you would like to learn more about your flash or camera in a more user friendly format, check out our camera training DVDs. To learn more about your Canon speedlite including the stroboscopic mode, click here. For Nikon flash training,   click here.  Happy Shooting!