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32 Questions to help you find the perfect gift for a photographer or fly fisher . . .

Are you having a hard time figuring out what to get the photo buff or fly fisherman in your life?  Here are 32 questions you can ask to discover some great gift ideas.  Make sure you are subtle when asking these questions, but listen closely to the answers to uncover those hidden gift opportunities. 

Blue Crane Camera Training DVD's
  • Do you know what all those buttons do on your camera? 
  • That camera looks complicated! Do you know everything that camera does?
  • That camera seems complicated, have you had any training on it?
  • Do you know how to use that flash?  What do all of those buttons do?
  • What did you buy that flash for?  Does it make a difference?
Black Rapid or Lowepro Camera Straps
  • Is that camera strap comfortable?
  • Looks like you have a mark on your neck from your camera strap, is it comfortable?
  • Have you ever tried a sling camera strap?  I heard they are really popular.  
  • If you see the photographer wearing the strap (on one shoulder), then they would probably enjoy a Black Rapid strap
  • Look to see if they are even using their camera strap at all.  If not, if may not be comfortable, or they just don't like straps. Ask, How come you don't use your strap? I would hate to see you drop it.
A Bigger Camera Bag... Lots to choose from.
  • Is that camera bag big enough for all that gear?
  • Oh, that isn't all your camera gear? Don't you have something bigger that holds everything?
  • Have you seen those camera bags that are sling bags?  It seems like every has one now.
  • You know, they say camera bags are like purses or shoes, you need a different one for every occasion.  How many bags do you have?
  • I've heard of a camera bag that will just hold your camera and one lens. That would be really convenient right?
  • Have you ever been caught in the snow or rain with your camera gear? Does your bag have an all weather cover?
Point and Shoot Case
  • You don't have a case for that camera? Did you know there are really small cases for those?
  • Don't put that in your pocket!  It could get all scratched up. Where is your camera case?
  • Did you know the survival rate of point and shoot camera are 60% more if you use a camera case?
  • Remember that last time you dropped your camera? A case would have been nice.
Trek Tech Tripods and Accessories
  • Wouldn't it be nice to have a little shelf for your tripod to put stuff in?  Trek Tech Cammock
  • It's pretty dark in here, do you have a tripod?
  • On that last vacation of yours did you get any cool night shots? No? You should of had a travel tripod!  T-Pod 

Questions to ask the Fly Fisherman you know...