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Lowepro Fastpack 200 Review

Fastpack 200 Artic Blue

Over Labor day weekend I took my new Fastpack 200 on a quick trip to Minnesota, Twin Cities to be exact.  I have nothing but positive feedback for this backpack.  It basically went everywhere with me on my trip, Vikings (Broncos-gotta keep the bosses happy here in Denver) game, State Fair and multiple other venues.  If anyone is looking for a small but capable travel backpack, this may be the one.  Previously, I had a Tamrac Adventure 7.  I was never happy with this bag because it was very difficult to access your photo gear, very uncomfortable after multiple hours wearing it, and really couldn't hold that much stuff.  Needless to say I'm really glad I made the switch.

One of the best features of this bag is the ability to be accessible.  Wherever I was I could always swing the bag around and access my camera gear on the convenient side access pocket.  My water bottle was also conveniently positioned for an easy grab on the side mesh pocket of the bag.

Capacity was exactly what I was looking for as well.  It held all the camera gear I needed, DSLR,  mid to wide range F/2.8 zoom, wide angle F/2.8 zoom, 50mm F1.4, mid size flash and of course some small accessories, too.  The best part was I could also hold a lot of travel accessories, like blanket, DVD player, snacks, plane ticket info, and some small toys.  Like I said, this bag held everything I needed.  For anyone needing to hold a laptop you can upgrade to the Fastpack 250.  It will give you the extra slot for a 15" laptop, everything else is the same.

Lastly it was comfortable.  I wore it for over 8 hours on multiple days and could still have gone longer.  No complaints in that arena.

I did also like the little pocket on the front left shoulder strap.  It was a great place for little accessories like an extra battery or memory card.

All in all, the Fastpack 200 far exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend this bag to anyone looking for a great travel accessory that can carry more things than  just your camera gear.

Happy shooting,

Curt @ AvidMax