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Top 3 Traits of a Great Camera Bag

Typically when you're looking for a camera bag, it can be a pretty daunting task.  With so many different models and styles to choose from it's hard to narrow it down.  Is there really one camera bag that fits all of your needs? Probably not. Think of it this way: Is there only one pair of shoes that fits all occasions? The answer is most likely no. When you look for a camera bag you'll have to consider comfort, ease of access, and flexibility with what your going to be doing.

1.  Comfort is very important in a camera bag.  If it isn't comfortable, you might as well leave it at the next street corner for someone else to try.  Of course you'll want something that has plenty of padding, adequate support when you put all your gear in, and does not restrict movement when you wear it.  Other things to look for is where you want your straps to be. There are backpacks, waist bags, sling bags, and shoulder bags.  This is definitely a personal choice, but each have their advantages.  Depending on what you're doing a certain style might have it's own advantages.  For example when I ski, I really like the way the Slingshot can swing out of the way when I get on the chair lift.

2.  Which brings me to my next point, ease of access.  It happens all the time, you see something photo worthy and you tell the subject to HALT!  But of course the subject doesn't listen to you, and by the time you get your camera out to take the picture, you missed it.  So the moral of the story is to find a bag that is versatile enough to get the camera out quickly and still get your shot.  The Slingshot and Classified bags do a great job of accomplishing this.

3.  And finally, flexibility.  There are many different activities that people do these days, so if my camera bag can carry my jacket and snack too, then I'm a happy camper!  Flexibility in our camera bags can be very important.  Whenever I find myself traveling, I always bring my camera bag as my carry-on.  With that, the  toys, blankets, and water bottles I also carry when I travel with my daughter, a bag that can carry other stuff too can be a lifesaver.  Bags like the Versapack, Fastpack and Slingshot are only the start of the options of versatile camera bags.

So, is there a camera bag for every situation?  Yes, just like there are the right kind of shoes for every situation. So when you are looking for your next camera bag, think about the comfort, ease of access, and flexibility when you're looking at all of the options out there. If you would like a recommendation based on the specific gear you have, we would be happy to assist. Just give us a call 1-866-454-5523 or shoot us an email.

Thanks for reading, AvidMax